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Those who own money now, are asked to behave like trustees holding their riches on behalf of the poor. You may say that trusteeship is a legal fiction. But if people meditate over it constantly and try to act up to it, then life on earth would be governed by far more love than it is at present. Absolute trusteeship is an abstraction like Euclid’s definition of a point, and is equally unattainable. But if we strive for it, we shall be able to go further in realizing a state of equality on earth than by any other method.

M. K. Gandhi


If we analyze the functions of the Vaishya of the ancient times, we find that he was assigned the duty of production and distribution, not for personal gain, but for common good. All the wealth that he amassed he held as a trustee for the nation. Capitalists, if they are to fulfill their real function, must exist not as exploiters, but as servants of society. No communism or Bolshevism can thrive if we know and discharge our duty. Let us produce and distribute for the service of our community. Let us live and be prepared, if it comes to that, to sacrifice ourselves for the common good.


G. D. Birla
Speech at Maharashtra Merchants’ Conference, Sholapur


Inspired by Rajashree Birla & Kumar Mangalam Birla.

The legacy of trusteeship continues …



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